Traakoo, born Tyshawn Tray-vion Edwards, is not your typical artist. Born and raised in several different parts of  Los Angeles throughout his younger years, the twenty-year-old emcee has developed a level of talent that far surpasses his age. His West Coast roots placed his ears deep into the LA culture bumping Snoop Dogg, E-40, and The Game but his knowledge of the culture also brought him to take cues from East Coast rappers as well, most notably Jay Z and 50 Cent. It helps that his uncles provided a strong figure in his musical life and upbringing, introducing a young Traakoo to these
artists and sharing his own raps with him. This jump-started Traakoo’s passion, and at just six-years-old he began picking up a mic and reciting lyrics that were written for him. Eventually, he found himself performing in front of crowds cheering him on, even if he wasn’t old enough to be there in the first place! Since then, the “Famous Gasser” perfected his craft and dropped a few songs, but true fans know the lyrics to “Dirty Dan” and “F*ck Or What” from the rapper’s signature fast-paced flow and catchy lyrical content. Even with the occasional release, Traakoo has maintained a dedicated following on social media boasting thousands of fans eager for each bar recited from his brain. With knowledge beyond his years and a keen ear for trap production with a booming bass and a West Coast flair, he has failed to make a song not worthy of instant replay value. With a Traakoo track playing, your party, the catchy hooks are sure to keep your head nodding. Traakoo has kept up a steady grind over the years, which lead to a partnership with STACK Entertainment Group. He released several singles (such as: “Dollar $ign” & “Air BNB”) on this label, but has since branched off and formed his own Label called GASSER Entertainment”, where he released several other singles, including his 2021 CEO debut track titled “BOUT TIME”. Traakoo is destined to be a room shaker and a move maker.