STACK Entertainment & Gasser Entertainment would like to THANK YOU For Considering Our Offer

Our plan is simple. When one person whispers in a room, you can’t hear anything, but when 100 people whisper in a room it’s too loud. Our plan is to work with artists that have been whispering alone and amplify their voices with 99 more. If you choose to partner with us we will get your streams/views up and hopefully, the attention leads to lucrative deals in the future for all parties involved.

What will we do?

Our program will double your Spotify streams by getting you on playlist and promoting you through social media, we will also get your demo into the inbox of over 100 A&R Execs. Another advantage is our mobile studio availability along with free professional emastering so it’s ready for radio play. As we grow together we’ll be able to expand our resources allowing us to offer even more to help put us all in a winning position.

What you will do?

Your job will be to create good content and help promote yourself and the brand. We do expect to have the right to distribute your content through our channels. We don’t want to control your content. We just need a central source to find networking opportunities.

If you’d like to take advantage of this offer please fill out the form below. Our staff will contact you with your contract of obligations.

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