Your V.I.P pass grants exclusive rights to download, not only released EP’s, tracks & albums, but you also get the perk of hearing all unreleased music as well. Use the privilege to vote on tracks and album art for release.


Your V.I.P pass grants access to more than just Traakoo music. Obviously you can stream, but your added perk is being able to direct download every music video recorded or featuring Traakoo.

Vlogs & Behind-the-scene

Vlogs are exclusive to V.I.P members, but we added another bonus of exclusive access to behind-the-scene footage of music videos and other recorded content. You can download all this content as well

V.I.P Rewards

Membership definitely has its privileges. We offer our members V.I.P gifts and rewards that regular members and guest don’t even know about. Get discount coupons, special prices, and products offered only to members.